Forever Botanical

“Scientists tend to sorely underestimate the fact that human beings and plants have evolved side by side for thousands of years. Consequently our systems are at terms with the biochemistry of plants, in contrast to chemicals and modern drugs.”       - J.C.  Smuts, 1926,  Father of the word “holism.”          

Nature as Our Healer & Source

    Whole, organic, botanical concentrates are the foundation and source of nourishment in everything we make and are reflected even in the natural colors and fragrances of our products.

    Whole because it is all the little known or considered constituents of a plant which make the nourishment they offer whole-istic in nature. Excellent examples are the phyto-nutrients carotenoids (the colors or “light” of a plant) which play important roles in the health and vitality of our cells by detoxifying carcinogens and repairing DNA damage caused by pollutants. Green chlorophyll and yellow beta carotene are two. Also, it is from whole plant concentrates that we are offered the widest range of nutrients necessary for their absorption.
     For instance, it is well known that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant to our cells, including our skin’s. But, did you know we cannot utilize vitamin C without copper? Copper without zinc? Zinc without chromium?…  Neither can we utilize protein without calcium (or chromium), calcium without oxygen, oxygen without vitamin E…  The list goes on infinitely. Further, one nutrient in the presence of another can greatly enhance the effectiveness of both, such as the well known vitamin E and selenium relationship. Regarding the interdependence (synergistic relationships) of nutrients insures the nourishment we are seeking and makes massive, unbalancing doses of isolated nutrients unnecessary and even archaic. It is not enough to add a few nutrients to a formula, whatever the amounts,  and call it wholesome, holistic or even nutritional.

    Organic because consciously grown plants are far more wholesome and exceedingly richer in nourishment and healing constituents than commonly grown, sometimes by more than 100%. And because cutting edge science is beginning to realize what some have known all along. As much as we are chemical in composition, we are electrical!  And the “charge” (or energy) of uncontaminated plants, as opposed to genetically altered and/or chemically treated, produce healthy, coherent, electrical communications throughout the human body, which certainly includes its largest organ, the skin, that are identifiable, unifying and healing to our cells. This just makes sound, common sense when it is realized that even the tiniest atoms dance to the tune of their own positive and negative electrical charges.   

     Botanical because, simply, our cells resonate with and have a natural affinity for plants. Mysteriously, though science is able to isolate and recreate the exact molecular structure of a nutrient, it cannot predict or duplicate the way our cells wholeheartedly respond to and harmonize with that in which they share a common inheritance: the plant kingdom.
    Finally, just as there are powerful, synergistic relationships between the components of a plant, so are there between plants. By properly combining precise amounts of two or more, very  particular, potent and balancing formulas are created.

    Achieving balance (homeostasis) through plants (herbs and food) is the very foundation of the Chinese and Auyervedic Medicines. It is at the heart of everything we do.

             Synergy (relationship) is the very nature of Nature!


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