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After all is said and done, and this month's fad gives way to the next, welcome home to products
you can trust, year after beautiful year, to care for the holistic nutritional needs of your skin
without polluting, creating imbalances, or causing complacency. Honestly, can there ever be
anything better for the health and beautiful vitality of your skin than this?
We work with dedicated health and dermatology professionals who share our belief that healthy skin and beautiful skin are inseparable and know healing takes place on many levels. We have built a loyal, word-of-mouth clientele and strong foundation,
because our products work.


Over and over again we hear, "you healed my skin!"

My skin was so dry it would crack and bleed, especially the skin on my hands and feet. I tried everything, including prescription medications. My wife uses your products and suggested I try the soap and lotion. In 2 weeks my skin improved more with these products than with anything I've tried, so we purchased your Special Care Salve as well. After using your soap and lotion daily along with the salve nightly for just a few more days, no cracks, no bleeding, no pain. A believer, I recently started using your face care, too. Friends comment on how much healthier and fit I look. Your products do what they say, and more. No hype. How refreshing!
E. J., Clovis, TX.

My skin was weird. It was dry and flaking, but I was breaking out as well. I didn’t know what to do. I was fearful that treating the acne would dry my skin further and treating the dry skin would worsen the acne. Because your products came highly recommended, I tried your “normal” program as a starting place. Amazingly, my acne has cleared, and my skin is moister (no more flaking) and brighter looking. Even my wrinkles are less noticeable! That’s not all. I tried your shampoo, and my thinning hair is becoming thicker. My daughter says she can see tons of new growth all around my hairline. Wow. Elizabeth Mitchell, D.C., Alamogordo, NM. I use your products because they “feel” right to me. As a healer by profession, I consider this a valid intuitive and biological response to what is good for me. The fact that my skin looks healthier and younger as time goes by confirms. Anne Hutchinson, LMT, Carrizozo, NM I overheard a very complimentary conversation about your products at a store in town, so I took some home. It just makes sense that taking care of the health of my skin is the best way to make it look good. Even with the scrupulous care I give my skin, and I spare no time or expense, in just a few days it looked softer, smoother and just plain more alive. By the looks of my skin... it’s healing! Becky Smith, Ruidoso, NM When my step mother came for a visit, I noticed how much younger her skin looked. Before I could comment, she presented me with a gift of your cosmetics. I have very sensitive allergic skin, but with your cosmetics, no reactions, and my skin looks fabulous! I have received dozens of compliments since using your products. I hope to carry them when I set up my Master Herbalist practice. Stephanie Jemmet, Phoenix, AZ My daughter, who is hooked on your cosmetics, urged me to try them to see if they would help my horrible, chronic rosacea. I have tried “salon exclusives” to doctor prescribed preparations. I tried your products, not daring to hope they would help my rosacea, just praying they might be something I could use that would not irritate my condition further. In one short week, the rosacea began clearing. After six weeks, gone. My skin looks better than it did before the rosacea! You have changed my life.
C. H., El Paso, TX

I broke my leg and was in a cast for longer than the usual six weeks. As a result, I developed an open wound on my heal about the size of a silver dollar. It would not mend despite prescriptions, health food store creams and numerous home remedies. Out of desperation, I went to a hypnotherapist thinking there was a sub-conscious reason I did not want to heal. She had some of your Special Care Salve in her office and gave me some to try. In just 24 hours my wound showed signs of healing. Within a week it was almost closed. Today, less than two weeks later, the wound is completely healed, tissue is a healthy pink with no signs of scaring and… strangely…is in the unmistakable shape of a perfect star!
S.W., Registered Nurse, Las Cruces, NM

I have tried the most economical to the most expensive in skin care in an effort to undo the damage caused by too many carefree days in the sun. Hands down, yours are the best. Even my “sun spots” are fading. I love how my skin is looking. I love your products. I love your philosophy. I love the fragrance. In short, I’m in love! Margeaux Branch, Kimberly, ID Usually, my husband wouldn’t notice if my hair was on fire. After using your cosmetics for a little less than a month, we were outdoors in the unforgiving sunlight. He actually stopped our walk, put his hands on my face and told me my skin was beautiful. Now that’s a compliment to you, too. Kay Hubbard, Fort Worth, TX. I have always had sensitive problem skin. Chronic conditions and the continual use of cortisone has left my skin thin and even more sensitive. If this is not enough, we now live in a area where the water aggravates my skin to the point of painful lesions. Madlyn Rose are the only products I have been able to use that do not add more fuel to the literal fire, and my skin is beginning to mend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. E.F., Alto, NM I bought your cosmetics hoping they would make my skin more attractive, and they did! I can’t quite put my finger on exactly how it looks better. I just does. It just looks healthier and less tired somehow. It’s not my imagination either. People comment all the time. Most amazing, however, is how your products heal. Just switching to your soap helped my grandson’s eczema tremendously. I put some of my Anti-Wrinkle cream on an unsightly stubborn rash plaguing my husband’s neck, and it disappeared almost over night! Thank you so much for your beautiful products.
Linda Roberts, Fort Stanton, CO.

I dare not run out of your face cream or my husband has a fit. Yes, I love what it has done for my dry skin, and so does he. And, yes, the wrinkles are fading and my skin really does look much healthier and younger. But that’s not the reason for the panic mode. He says he can’t go to sleep when I’m not wearing it! Funny, but hey, if it works…
Gay Timberline, Sante Fe, NM

News about your “black soap” has spread all over the fire station here in Austin, TX where my husband works. So I ordered some for our son’s eczema along with your Special Care. I just had to email to let you know how very much I appreciate what these two products have done for him. A few weeks ago after gardening and pulling tons of weeds, I incurred many scratches and a few rashes as well. I put your Special Care my battered hands and arms and the itching went away immediately. The scratches and rashes healed so quickly I could hardly believe my eyes! That stuff is magical. About a week ago, my husband burned his hand while cooking, so I brought out “The Salve” to the rescue. What can I say, except send me 3 more jars!
A.L., Austin TX.

I don’t know what happened to me. I think it was a virus. My husband thinks it was just-before-Christmas nerves. Whatever, my entire back, chest and belly broke out in hives and whelps that itched unmercifully. I bathed in ____ (oatmeal product). I put cortisone cream on it. I desperately tried everything I knew. Nothing worked. One day while doing my face, perhaps instinctively, I brought my Madlyn Rose face cream down from my face and neck onto my chest. The itching subsided immediately. Because the cream is too expensive for my budget to use all over my body, I put your lotion on my back and belly hoping this might do the same trick. It did! I’m so glad I found your products. My face looks years younger since using your products for a little over a year. It just keeps getting better and better. Please don’t ever compromise what you do. P.S. You can publish my name and give out my email address. I will be happily sing your praises to all who will listen.
Karolyn Leslie, Fairbanks, Alaska.

*** more to come!***

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